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Five Tips to Get (and Remain!) Motivated

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Staying motivated isn’t magic. There isn’t a “motivation pill” you can take once a day that starts your motivation. So what do you do when you’re feeling stuck?

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There are times when we run into roadblocks or holdups. Whether you’re experiencing a bad day, feeling frazzled at work, or merely don’t know where to begin, it’s important to define your “why.”

Your why is the purpose behind what you’re going after. Clearly determining your why will help you stay driven during those tough days and continue to work toward your individual goals.

Today, use a few minutes to consider your why–your purpose–for why you’re working toward something.

Once you establish your why, jot it down on a sticky note and keep it somewhere you’ll notice it all the time, like your nightstand or bathroom mirror. When you’re feeling lost or unmotivated, think about your why and let that motivate you to continue reaching your goals.

What’s your goal? Get rid of weight? Gain fitness? Revamp your eating habits?

Defining goals is a fundamental component of the healthy way of living we teach at Farrell’s Altoona. Try it for yourself during a free week with us.

How to Keep Motivated After Finalizing Goals

Now that you’ve decided your why, here are some fantastic ideas to help you stay energized to achieve your goals!

Make it Part of Your Schedule

This sounds uncomplicated, but creating new practices can be difficult. It takes three weeks to create a habit. Regardless of your goal, make time to chip away at it every day.

If you want to exercise when you wake up, put it on your calendar. If you want to plan your meals every Sunday, write it in your datebook. With three weeks of consistency, it will become a component of your daily routine.

Keep it Simple

Divide your goals into smaller, more possible tasks. As an example, if you want to finish a marathon, you begin training by running one mile a day–not 26!

Use this same approach every time to make a new goal. Reduce it into easier tasks that will lead you to the overall goal.

Make it Exciting

There’s no reason you can’t like the process! Having a good time is not your foe–actually, it can be a fantastic driving force. Set aside time to be grateful for your work.

With all new responsibilities, you will learn and grow as you progress. And if your tasks are particularly hard, reward yourself once you’ve accomplished them!

Visualize the Finish Line

Create a mental picture of yourself achieving your goals: What does it appear like? How do you feel in that moment?

Creating a mental picture is a great mechanism that can help keep you focused and inspired while working toward your end result. It’s a particularly valuable method when your tasks are difficult.

Remain Consistent

Take consistent action every day–even if you’re not in the mood. Some days you may take huge action, while other days you might take less action. That’s OK! The essential part is to remain consistent.

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