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FXB Altoona can Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals in the Gym

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As 2020 gets close, many adults have fitness-related plans and commitments for themselves, like toning up and losing weight.

If this involves one of your New Year's goals, then this article is intended for you!

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One of the most successful ways to meet your health and fitness aspirations is with support from like-minded people. Farrell's is more than just a gym membership in Altoona. We’re a supportive group. We incorporate nutrition with fitness classes and cardio kickboxing to help you meet your goals.

Want to learn more about our approach? Try a free week at Farrell's now.

Try these five ways to reach and support your weight loss goals.

1. Sip Half Your Weight in Ounces

Remaining well hydrated is key to your weight loss goals.

For peak hydration, aim to consume no less than half your body weight in ounces daily. For example, if your weight is 150 pounds, you should sip 75 ounces of water each day.

Toting a recyclable water bottle with you and setting a reminder on your phone is a great method to stay on goal. If you don’t like plain beverages, spice it up by infusing it with juicy fruit! Our favorite blends are blueberry/lemon and cucumber/lime.

Topping off your water bottle is also a good time to get up and go for a walk if you’ve been seated for awhile.

2. Get Sufficient Sleep

Sleep is crucial for slimming down. It’s even more beneficial than healthy eating and physical exercise! Lack of sleep affects your body in a lot of ways. When we’re tired, we crave unhealthy food more!

UC Berkeley researchers determined rich foods are “significantly more desirable” when you haven’t had enough sleep. Insufficient sleep changes brain activity and making decisions, researchers found, which might solve why people who don’t get enough sleep tend to be heavier.

When you get adequate sleep, you’re more inclined to make healthy food selections. At Farrell's, we make it fast to determine what you’re having with our tried-and-true nutrition plans. You’ll receive these easy to understand meal plans as part of your 10-Week Challenge.

Adequate sleep also:

  • Boosts attention and output
  • Boosts your workout performance
  • Lowers your chance of heart disease and stroke
  • Aids your mental health
  • Builds your immune system

Ensure you permit yourself time to get ready for bed at night without your computer. It’s crucial to make sleep a priority in your regular schedule.

3. Let Your Body Rest

Taking routine breaks from your fitness program—no less than two rest days weekly—enables your body to repair.

When you give your body recover you:

  • Help avoid muscle fatigue
  • Lower your risk of getting injured
  • Boost your performance while you exercise
  • Balance your hormones

Due to the fact that all of these perks assist your fitness routine, you’ll get results faster!

Just because you’re taking a break from your HIIT and strength training fitness classes, it doesn’t mean you can’t stay in motion!

Here are several low-intensity options to keep your body working:

  • Climb the stairs in place of the elevator
  • Stretch each hour while you’re working
  • Take a walk with your kids after you eat

4. Be Patient With Yourself

Good things take longer than a couple of weeks. Fast weight loss can be unsafe and is hard to maintain.

If you find yourself needing a motive while on your fitness journey, read our best advice for getting (and being!) motivated. Don’t forget to give yourself mercy and be compassionate to yourself.

Because each individual is unique, people will see forward motion at contrasting steps in their health and weight loss journey. And that’s normal!

Use your rest days and reflect on how far you’ve progressed. It’s essential to recognize that daily you’re thriving and becoming better than you were before!

5. Mix HIIT and Strength Training

Rotating high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with strength exercise is a fantastic approach to build lean muscle while burning additional calories while you’re not exercising. HIIT fitness classes make an afterburn outcome by boosting your metabolic rate.

In simple words, you keep burning calories after finishing your workout—even while resting on the couch! HIIT also builds muscle and revs up your metabolism. That means you burn more fat and calories in the day following a HIIT workout than you do at the end of a run!

In addition to HIIT, strength training is a good process to get lean muscle while burning body fat. You can strength train with resistance bands, dumbbells or your own bodyweight! Strength training is critical for a fit body, but also offers many mental health perks.

Studies have determined that strength training, even just two days weekly, may help combat stress, anxiety and depression.

At Farrell's, we mix HIIT, strength training and kickboxing in our workout classes for the peak outcome. Book your free week at your local FXB to experience our group fitness classes today!

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